About Worcester Terrariums

I am Ben Newell founder of Worcester Terrariums.

I have always been interested in plants but it wasn’t until 2015 when I took on a 1/16th acre vegetable garden that my interest truly sky rocketed. I spent 4 wonderful years tending the patch of land and it was during this time that I discovered my love for horticultural.

I bought a reduced Ficus bonsai from a local garden centre and became quite obsessed with it. I have a tendency to voraciously read about subjects I’m interested in and found bonsai to be incredibly captivating. During this time, I read ‘How To Make Bonsai From Everyday Garden Plants’ by Peter Chan (founder and CEO of Herons Bonsai) and it was this book that truly inspired me to pursue my passion.

I’m not quite sure how I discovered the terrarium, all I know is that it was shortly after my interest in bonsai started, and it didn’t immediately strike a chord with me. I made a few, which were of poor quality and quickly died and I put that down to there being a lack of good quality information available. Still, I persisted and eventually they eventually started to improve.

Fast forward to September 2019 and I decided to start Worcester Terrariums as a side business alongside my full time job. Things were going well until March 2020 when the UK went into a lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

At this time, I had to reevaluate my situation and decided to focus my energy into creating online content. As I previously mentioned, there was a lack of good quality information available for beginners so I decided to focus on that. I had found my niche.

 Instagram had always been my main social platform and has performed exceedingly well for me (as of July 2021, I have 52,000 followers from zero paid advertising) but I knew I needed to get onto YouTube.

Around the world, people watch a billion hours of YouTube content everyday. A BILLION. I had to get here.

Coincidently, it was at this time that Don DiLillo, a business owner from Long Island, New York reached out to me on Instagram and asked if we could have a Zoom meeting. I thought it was just to ask questions about terrariums but, long story short, he encouraged me to focus my energy on creating YouTube content as it had worked so well for him and his business.

So, that’s exactly what I did. In July 2020, I started my YouTube channel but found it incredibly difficult to get to grips with. I’d never been on camera, never used a camera, never edited a video or even opened iMovie. It was like walking into a forest at night without a torch.

I stayed in contact with Don and he pointed me in the direction of Sunny Lenarduzzi, a wildly successful entrepreneur who has a popular, in depth YouTube course called ‘YouTube For Bosses’.

I took the course and everything started to align. I still had no experience with a camera and hadn’t conquered my fear of being on camera but I felt 10x better equipped to deal with my issues. My first videos would suck but that’s ok. Consistency is key and that is something I have definitely been since taking the course.

I upload weekly videos to my channel which, while still in its infancy, has 30 videos on it and reaches people from all over the world. I have built an online community on social media; my Facebook group has 1200 dedicated members and my rapidly growing Instagram page hits 500-1000 followers per week. My goal is to become a leading figure in the terrarium game and I am on track to achieving that.

I still sell terrariums! I have some available on my website but if you want to see them in person they’re available at The Jungle Club, a plant shop in Worcester. I take commissions, teach 1-1 lessons from my workshop or via Zoom and in the near future I’ll be holding group workshops (once Covid restrictions allow).

Thanks for reading, if you’d like any more information drop me an email or DM on social media. I’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have.