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Large moss box


Deliver IS available via private courier. The delivery payment is taken after the terrarium is purchased.

The terrarium will be hand delivered to you at a pre-arranged date and time.

Deliveries within Worcester or the surrounding area – £10.

Deliveries up to 2.5 hours from Worcester – £30.

For deliveries further afield please get in touch. We can always arrange something.

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A large box planted with Leucobryum glaucum, Peperomia prostrata, Peperomia antoniana, Peperomia caepitsota, Peperomia rotundifolia, Peperomia napoli nights, Selaginella uncinata, Ficus thunbergii, Ficus columbia, Pilea depressa and a Tillandsia* air plant.

Place the terrarium in a bright spot out of direct sun. If that isn’t possible then I recommend purchasing a grow light. I like to use the VAXER cultivation bulbs from IKEA as they fit into most standard lamp fittings (E27) and are around £10.

Water with distilled, deionised or filtered water and always use a misting bottle on the mist setting. It’s important not to let the moss dry out or become overly saturated. As the terrarium is small, mist from a few inches away to prevent waterlogging.

The plants will eventually need pruning and I can do this for free if you bring the terrarium to my workshop.

Don’t be alarmed if you see the odd leaf discolor or die, this is completely normal and is just part of the plant’s life cycle. Try to remove any fallen or dead foliage.

*The Tillandsia is an air plant that has different watering needs to the other plants in the terrarium. Once a week, remove the plant and submerge it in water for half an hour. Remove the plant from the water and shake dry. Leave for half an hour before placing back inside the terrarium.


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