8cm globe terrarium (UK ONLY)


Deliver IS available via private courier. The delivery payment is taken after the terrarium is purchased.

The terrarium will be hand delivered to you at a pre-arranged date and time.

Deliveries within Worcester or the surrounding area – £10.

Deliveries up to 2.5 hours from Worcester – £30.

For deliveries further afield please get in touch. We can always arrange something.



An 8cm globe terrarium

To keep this terrarium healthy, place in a bright spot and ensure the soil stays just moist but not wet. The substrate should feel like a sponge rung of all the water; as if you were about to wipe a surface down. Always use a spray bottle on the mist setting when watering and if unsure, less is always preferable to more. Plants in a terrarium can recover from under watering far easier than overwatering. If the terrarium contains only moss then ensure it is kept moist but not saturated; mosses lack a root system and take in moisture from the air. If in doubt please contact me or bring the terrarium to my workshop.


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