Tiny Terrarium Kit (UK ONLY)


UK DELIVERY ONLY. Any payments from abroad will be refunded MINUS the PayPal transaction fee.

This kit contains:

1 glass jar

Lecuobryum glaucum moss

Plant cuttings (cutting may vary)

1 Spray bottle




How to assemble

1. Add the substrate into the bottle and give it a light spray

2. Wipe off any debris from the moss and submerge it in a bowl of water. Give it a squeeze until the air bubbles stop forming.

3. Remove and squeeze out any excess water. The moss should be damp but not saturated.

4. Trim the moss so only a few mm of the white part remains under the green leaves.

5. Using the tweezers, carefully place the moss over the entire surface of the substrate, firming it in place.

6. Place the plant cutting into the moss, up to the first set of leaves.

7. Give it a final spray with some filtered water and place somewhere bright!


Here is a reel showing how I made this terrarium –


Care is simple, place in a bright spot out of direct sun and don’t overwater. For full care instructions head to the care section on my website.


All kit orders are posted via next day delivery on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s to ensure the plants arrive in good health.

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